British producer and rapper Novelist is more than a musician. As he's blown up over the past couple of years, he's used his ever increasing platform in a positive way, whether he's talking about politics, protesting police violence, or promoting a positive attitude towards women. As he told us when we interviewed him in New York in 2015, "We really care about getting real messages to people at the same time as gassing up a's deeper than music."

Novelist's latest move is to go fully independent and start his own label MMMYEH Records, and the first single he's releasing is "New Path," produced by his older brother PREM. Although Novelist came up as a grime MC, he's been experimenting with sounds and styles from the beginning, and "New Path" continues that exploration.

"The sound is inspired by many genres but the baseline is mostly inherited from G-funk and west coast music," Novelist explains. "The general feel of the song is the Ruff Sound music, a genre that I created and we've been putting out as a collective. It's MMMYEHs first release and it feels amazing to have the freedom to execute music how I've always wanted to. It's a testimony of how faithful my true fan base is."

Listen to "New Path" and watch our short documentary on Novelist, shot in New York, below.