We were first introduced to Atlanta-based duo The Pheels last spring when they shared their smooth single “RnS,” and showed us yet again how diverse the sounds from the beloved city can be. The duo made up of Curtis Fields and Phil Jones (aka HAUNTED) is making soulful R&B in their own way—blending pop synths with deep basslines.

As the temperatures continue to heat up, this hazy track feels fitting to soundtrack the rest of the season. The Pheels match the sound with a new video that depicts a familiar scenario of a peaceful day off—just trying to get the most of daylight hours and nature.

Living up to the title, "Greasy" is slick and attention-grabbing. However, the video works to create an ideal balance to the subject matter of the single. "Greasy" features production and visuals that feel good, but a closer listen will make you realize this song is actually warning off people. The Pheels are only here for the positive energy, and are making music to properly fit that mood. Any "greasy" people testing their patience and aiming to ruin the good vibrations can step aside. 

Watch the video above.