Last month, Lousiana-based musician Zack Villere gave us "Cool," receiving a lot of attention and love on both Twitter and YouTube. The endearing song and video is understated, goofy, and endearing. Now Zack has delivered his debut project under his own name, and it lives up to the immense promise of "Cool" and then some, proving that he's got a lot more going for him than initially thought.

From the moment his new album Little World starts, there's flashes of '90s geek rock updated for the modern day. Recalling Ween and even some early Weezer, the album is a charming debut that comes hot off the heels of the success of "Cool." When we spoke with him last month, he listed a Cartoon Network show and production placements among his future ambitions, and with the release of Little World, those goals of his aren't looking as lofty as they once did.

Listen to the album below.