At this point, is there a beat Danny Brown can't rap over?

Following one of the most inventive, forward-thinking rap albums in recent memory (2016's Atrocity Exhibition), Brown is back, rapping over bonkers instrumentals with a verse on DJ Shadow's new song, "Horror Show." Over thundering percussion and wild, unpredictable synths, Danny comes through with an elastic verse filled with his unique lyrical imagery.

"I like his writing," DJ Shadow told Annie Mac this afternoon, explaining why he wanted to work with Danny. "He's a character. I grew up in an era where everybody in hip-hop was a character and I like that. I like when people are out there a little bit and doing something completely against the grain. If you look at what's played on the radio and what's trendy, he goes against that in a way that I admire."​

Listen to "Horror Show" below.