Ever since the back half of 2015, we've been paying close attention to South London's Miles from Kinshasa. Wearing both his current surroundings and his cultural background on his sleeve, his blend of R&B and pop music is distinctive. There's a sprinkling of world influences setting him apart, and thankfully he's finally gearing up to release his debut project with Limbo. The upcoming mini-album features a number of previously released, but fantastic tracks such as "IVRY" and "Fireworks."

One of the new tracks taken from the release is "Could We Just Talk Instead?," which delivers on what we've come to expect from Miles. Living up to the quality of his previous singles, "Could We Just Talk Instead?" is a forlorn track that stretches out Miles' sound, slowing it down to a delightful crawl. It's not got as big a hook as some of his previous tracks, but it's equally as hypnotic.

Listen to the premiere of "Could We Just Talk Instead?" below, and look out for Miles' forthcoming mini-album Limbo when it drops October 6 via Quality Time Recordings.