I thought I knew Florida-raised, currently L.A.-based artist Nate Dae. I knew him for making moody, introspective rap songs like "Lost" and "Mood Swings," delivering dry observations over inventive production. What I did not expect was sparkling, summery post-N.E.R.D. pop music, but that's exactly what we get with "I Feel Ya."

The track was produced by Zach Fogarty and Ernest Ziembroski II with background vocals by Jack Rickert and Stokely Carmichael, and it's full of funky basslines and sung melodies, a far cry from the dark night paranoia of previous releases. "'I Feel Ya' is a turning point for me in music," Nate explains. "A complete 180 in sound, especially coming from Florida where we're known for banging 808s and yada, yada, yada... This song means a lot to me and was the very first song made for California PSA."

California PSA is Nate Dae's upcoming debut album, which will be out July 21, and he explains a little more about what it means to him. "Listening to the album makes me miss home a lot," he says. "I was only supposed to be here for two weeks, but then Ian asked me to stay and completely changed my life. I can never thank him enough for doing that. California PSA is basically my diary for all my feelings, thoughts, and moods since my move from Florida. Full, raw, 100%."

Listen to Nate Dae's "I Feel Ya" below.