Suicideyear has put together a brilliant discography throughout the years, initially coming through with a defined sound on his now legendary Japan beat tape. His distinct production style makes him the perfect signing for LuckyMe, who are putting out his exciting upcoming EP, Hate Songs. Previewing it with his oppressive second single for the project, "Summer Hate" is one of his most intense songs so far.

The beat is capable of being both menacing and grandiose like we've come to expect from Suicideyear, but there's even more of a sinister edge this time around because of how relentless it is. Quite often his output strikes that balance between beauty and intensity, but "Summer Hate" finds its beauty in cacophony rather than glistening melodies. 

Listen to the premiere of "Summer Hate" below, and look out for the full Hate Songs EP on July 28.