Each Tuesday this month, Brockhampton have been sharing new videos from their next album, Saturation II, and each Tuesday they've come through with bouncy rap songs held together by catchy hooks.

This Tuesday is a little different.

This week, they stripped everything back on a raw new song called "Junky" that has a dark edge we're not used to seeing from these guys. Kevin Abstract sets the tone with a deeply personal verse as he spazzes out in front of the camera before the video cuts to an eerie shot of four people wearing dresses, soaked in blood.

Then the beat does something crazy that I can't really describe with words as a creepy baby wilds out with a butcher's knife in the back seat of a car—before the rest of the boys come through with their own gritty verses to round out the track. It's weird. It's beautiful. Just watch it. I'll get out of the way. This album's going to be wild. And it's coming August 25.