Chester Watson has been a longtime favorite of P&P and after releasing his project Spring Mirage, he's back today with new single "8." With the help of Mind, Body, & Beats, Watson delivers a smooth, mellow record that can easily carry you through the weekend.

Chief from Mind Body & Beats told us, "We wanted to make a project to represent what we can do individually and what we can do with other artists who rap/sing as well so we went and got a bunch of artists we look up to and are friends with and who our friends are friends with and tried to connect it all. It's a collection of songs we've been working on for over a year that we feel very connected to that showcase other sides of our music. Being from Salt Lake City, people tend to think there's no music coming out from here, so we wanted to make something different but still protrays us and what we do musically.

This is the first single from our upcoming project entitled "Between the Days" which includes features from TUT, Dyemond Lewis, Matt Burton, Zac Jones, Limbo & Peter $un."

Listen to the single below "8."