D∆WN, formerly Dawn Richard, has been seamlessly blending electronic production with her own versatile vocals over her past three albums. She's been pushing the boundaries of pop and R&B without sacrificing accessibility, and last year's album Redemption ranges from music for the dancefloor to smoky slow jams. 

On August 25, Local Action is releasing an EP of remixes of tracks from Redemption, and today we're sharing Mr. Mitch's take on "Vines," which is actually a duet between his own vocals and the original. London artist Mr. Mitch is as versatile as D∆WN, and they are a perfect pairing here. "It was only an interlude but 'Vines' was probably my favourite track on Redemption," Mr. Mitch explains. "I drew personal parallels with the themes of the track so felt compelled to add my own perspective to it."

Listen to the remix below and check out Florentino's take on "Lilies" here. The Redemption remix EP is out August 25 and you can stream or buy it here.