Denmark's Kill J has been one of our favorite pop artists for a couple of years now, and with every new move it feels like she's sharpening her knife. There's something severe about Kill J's approach to music, whether sonically, lyrically, or visually, and "Gravity" is no exception. On first listen it feels like an accessible, meticulously crafted song with sleek production and gorgeous melodies, but there's a lot going on beneath the surface.

"The video is supposed to illustrate the theme of the song," says Kill J, "which is when in a crisis, you can find calm and centeredness in the laws of nature in the same way we do in religion. 'Gravity' is a prayer. Experiencing the weight of your body being drawn down or into another larger body (in our case, the earth) is a peaceful comfort—a relief from anxiety. Because no one and nothing is alone. Everything is constantly being pulled, pushed or drawn towards other bodies. The forces of the universe makes sure it." 

"The light drawings in the video are supposed to illustrate the many similarities between religion and science," she continues. "The symmetry in religious ornamentation is not so different from the scientific formulas and illustrations we find in science. And in a way, for me, they often tell the same story. I am not religious in a traditional sense. But I have faith. I believe, that science will save us all in the end and deliver us from evil and heartache."​