Alabama-bred, Bay Area-based rapper OMB Peezy isn't like most young artists. There's youthful rebellion and rawness to Peezy's music, but it's all anchored with technical rapping skills and traditional elements that make him stand out among the new wave of defiant young rappers. Plus, Peezy seems focused in a way that a lot of hit-or-miss rappers aren't. Some that probably comes from becoming a father.

"I was living for myself, doing the young hothead shit," Peezy told us earlier this year. "When I had my child, I had to change up cause I knew I wasn’t gonna have my kid growing up like, 'Oh, my daddy died' or, 'Oh, my daddy a lifer.' And I did not want my baby remembering me not having a car, being broke, being bummy, none of that. I had to get up off my ass and go get it."

So far, all seems to be going according to plan. Today, OMB drops his new video for "The Hard Way," and coming up he's got a project called Loyalty Over Love on the way and more music in the works. On "The Hard Way," Peezy tells us, "The song is just telling motherfuckers that if you try to fuck with me or disrespect me, you will find out the hard way. Don't let the mature version of me that I am now make you feel like I'm soft or that I won't respond if you come for me. You'll find out that I'm not a target. I shot the video at a homie's crib in the Bay Area because the scenery just fit the song real well."

Watch the video for "The Hard Way" above, read our full interview with OMB Peezy here, and get more familiar with the rising rapper below.