Joao Gonzalez, better known as Soft Glas, is a Brooklyn-based singer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and just all around artist. Last fall he released a 12-track album titled Late Bloom which featured an even blend of rhythms that worked in unison to create a soothing result. This year, he expands on these sounds as well as his own talents.

In September, Soft Glas will release his new album Orange Earth—which will be introduced by an accompanying short film titled The Undiminished Sky, screening later this month​. Ahead of the album's release, he shares "Sky in the Lake," the mesmerizing first single. While his previous work has usually let the production speak for itself, this time around Soft Glas allows his delicate vocals to take center stage and gently float over the instrumentation.

“Sky in the Lake” sounds like a dream—both in the title and the track itself—and it seems appropriate as it was influenced by a special moment between him and his girlfriend during a sunset. 

“We were standing by a lake and she was like, ‘Wow look at that sky!" And I was staring at the sky through its reflection in the lake,” Soft Glas recalls. “I realized that moment was a microcosm of how I view the world. I'm always daydreaming, always viewing the world through a dreamlike filter.”

Listen to “Sky in the Lake” below.