British singer and producer Yellow Days has become a favorite here at Pigeons & Planes. So far this year, the 18-year-old has been consistent with the release of one irresistible single after another. Today he's back with a new song, as well as pairing visuals to complete the package.

Yellow Days' latest single "Hurt In Love" is instantly striking. As always, his voice commands immediate attention, and opens up a space for his words to make an impact. Love can be a tricky thing, especially as a teenager, but on "Hurt In Love" he transforms the pain and raw emotion into something beautiful. 

The pairing visuals, directed by Samuel Travis, are as dark and moody as the song itself. The black and white imagery is striking—making it difficult to look away for even the slightest moment. "For the video we used an ornament I'd bought in a car boot sale near where I live," says Yellow Days. "It's a little world made of cork and the starting point for the video was that this personal object was an embodiment of my mind."

During all stages of love—the beginning, the peak, and the heartbreaking aftermath—our reality can become a bit distorted, and the video for "Hurt In Love" captures that perfectly. 

Watch the video above.