It's been a big year for Anna of the North.

The Norway-born singer has been impressing us with her unique brand of electronic pop music since releasing songs like "Sway" back in 2014, but this year she picked up extra momentum from a series of excellent singles as she prepared her debut album. Anna also lent her vocals to two of our favorite songs on Tyler, The Creator's new album, "911/Mr.Lonely" and "Boredom."

Now, the day has finally arrived. Her debut album, Lovers, is here. Or, as the 27-year-old singer puts it, "Everyone is in relationships and having babies and I'm just here dropping an album at midnight." The 10-song project is all Anna and her bandmates—no features. And she shines. A gorgeous electronic pop album, Lovers manages to ground dreamy vocals and sparkling synths with a healthy dose of emotional intelligence and clever songwriting. 

Listen to Lovers on Apple Music here or Spotify below and continue for two other rising artists you should get familiar with. You can read our recent interview with Anna here.