"I think the best way to describe our sound is to constantly make something that's weird, but also that sounds cool," Injury Reserve's Parker Corey tells us, perched on the edge of his pool. "It's not just weird."

"It's easy to make music that's really familiar and if someone hears it, they're like, 'Oh, I've heard something like that,' adds Ritchie With a T. "And it's also easy to make music that no one's ever heard before. But it's not easy to make music that no one's ever heard, that's also accessible. It's not so jarring that only a small demographic can make it."

That dance between innovation and accessibility is exactly what the inventive trio from Arizona have accomplished on their new project, Drive It Like It's Stolen. Over the course of seven songs, they'll challenge you with wild sounds you've never heard, before dropping into head-nodding grooves that your most close-minded friend could enjoy. At the end of the day, it's one of the more refreshing projects we've heard this year—and the finest work we've heard from these guys yet. Listen on SoundCloud below.

You can catch Injury Reserve live at the Pigeons & Planes stage at ComplexCon in November. Get tickets here.

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