Injury Reserve are building something special. The trio—rappers Ritchie With a T and Stepa J. Groggs and producer Parker Corey—have been evolving and pushing themselves over the course of two albums, 2015's Live From The Dentist's Office and 2016's Floss, and now it's time for the next step. Their new project Drive It Like It's Stolen will be out Setpember 29, and today we're premiering the first single "North Pole" along with the music video, which you can watch above.

"North Pole is the perfect first song to introduce first from Drive it Like It's Stolen because of its message of isolation, a feeling that strongly fueled the tone of the record as a whole," Ritchie explains. "Drive It Like It's Stolen is us buckling up and driving through all the bullshit."

The new track is a surprising departure from the high-energy of Injury Reserve's most popular songs, but it works perfectly, with both rappers getting personal over the mournful production. "Genuine emotion that people can relate to," Stepa calls it, and Parker explains more about the concept behing the song and the video, which he directed:

"North Pole is the name we gave to our new house after moving to Los Angeles. It came from the location being so far north and on a weirdly Christmas themed street but as we were working on this song, it seemed to take on an interesting juxtaposition between the good tidings that come to mind when you think of the North Pole and the cold isolation of it as real, physical location in the middle of the Arctic."

"I wanted to carry those ideas into the video by simply filming it at our own house and surrounding areas but try to turn them into a surreal northern expedition-like setting. So of course, that all culminated in us renting equipment from some special effects company in North Hollywood in order to cover our yard with fake snow, which was honestly stressful because you never quite know how something like that is gonna turn out (especially on a low budget). But it ended up being even better than I had hoped for." 

Becoming creatively stagnant and regurgitating the same old sounds is a surefire way to become irrelevant in 2017, but Injury Reserve are pushing forward and doing things their own way. The new music is sounding great, so look out for that as well as more Injury Reserve content on P&P soon.

We're also excited that the trio will be playing the Pigeons & Planes stage at ComplexCon in November, too. More info and tickets here.