It's exciting to see rap music change over time as new artists bring in influences from outside the genre or seem to be creating entirely new genres all together. Whatever happens, there will always be a place for MCs who can, simply put, rap very well.

Which brings us to Portland/L.A. rapper Myke Bogan who dropped his album Pool Party in August, and raps his ass off across the project. That's not to say there isn't variety here—"Top Gun" with The Last Artful, Dodgr is a sex-fueled slow-jam and "Take The Nite Off" is a smooth love song—but on tracks like "Gravy" with Michael Christmas and Neill Von Tally-produced "Not The," it's all about the bars.

The video for "Not The" was directed by Timslew and matches the raw undeniable energy of the recording with muscles cars and flames. Check out the premiere above and listen to Pool Party below. The album is out now via Portland label EYRST.