Satyra is a Dominican-Jamaican singer from Harlem, New York, and on "I Loved You" she mixes the old with the new in an intriguing way. Producer Calev provides a murky, melancholy beat that feels as if it's on the verge of collapsing entirely at any moment, but Satyra's delivery is much more in line with traditional R&B. The result is raw and has a strange charm that draws you in, embedding the melodies in your brain so subtly that you won't realize you're humming along until tomorrow.

"This record is just me revisiting a relationship that was both good and bad for me," Satyra says. "Its closure. For that guy and for myself. My manager linked me with this really talented producer from Portland, named Calev. When he sent me the beat and I listened to it I just kept reminiscing about this past relationship I was in. I do my best writing on the train and so I would play the beat during my commute, close my eyes and these hurtful memories would come back to me and I would open my eyes and see all these strangers eyes looking back at me as if they knew what I been through."

Listen to "I Loved You" below and keep up with Satyra on Twitter here.