The last time The Cool Kids dropped an album, people were still stressing about who to include in their MySpace Top 8s.

Okay, that might not be totally true, but it's been a long ass time. The last time we got a body of work from these guys was way back in 2011 when they put out When Fish Ride Bicycles. Now, finally, they're back with a new 18-song project with an appropriately lavish title Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe​.

Despite the long hiatus (read more about that here), they haven't lost a step. The hard-hitting beats we fell in love with a decade ago are back—along with razor-sharp, clever raps from Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks. It's important to note this isn't a rehash of their old material, though. You might be surprised with the amount of soulful melody laced throughout the project, highlighted by a standout performance from Syd on "Simple Things."

I can already tell this thing will stay in rotation for awhile. Listen on Apple Music here or via Spotify below.