For those of you that follow Pigeons & Planes on Twitter, you may have realized that on each Monday afternoon for the last few months we've been taking about an hour to listen to the submissions people drop into our Twitter mentions. As expected, the response can be a bit overwhelming each week, causing us to possibly miss many potentially great songs or artists. 

This past Monday we decided to switch things up just a bit in order to make submissions more fun for both us and our followers. Instead of taking an hour out of the day to listen to whatever was sent our way at the moment, we decided to make a contest. Simply stating that the reply under our tweet with the most total engagements would receive a post on the website. Well, here we finally are.

The clear winner of the bunch was Los Angeles-based artist Foreign Forest. The tweet quickly racked up five thousand retweets and nearly nine thousand likes. His submitted song "Harry Potter" is a moody track that features Corey Slabs. Throughout the week this tweet continued to clog our mentions, earning today's top spot.

We soon became skeptical of some of the freakishly high engaging posts. But our tweet never mentioned specific guidelines or rules about how you all should go about getting those total engagements—and perhaps that’s our fault. We realize that, and this is why we can’t have nice things sometimes. However, we of course had some honorable mentions in the bunch, like Tattoo featuring F0BG0D's track "Boost London" which earned 3.6 thousand retweets and 6.1 thousand likes. 

And then some of the ones with not much support turned out to be some of the most interesting. For example, Rochester artist Spencer's tweet only received 41 retweets and 42 likes, and yet it's a charming submission that still deserves some attention. 

Maybe somewhere here lies a lesson about numbers not mattering? We're not sure. But we do know the most positive note of our entire submissions experiment this week, and every week, is the fact that it allows our followers to do their own digging and find some great artists or songs we may have missed while sifting through our flooded mentions.