Social media allows artists to share music and news directly with their fans and the platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube mean anyone can discover fresh sounds and new artists. The role of blogs and music websites like Pigeons & Planes has changed, and although sharing incredible new music will always be central to what we do, providing context around artists, scenes, and the industry is becoming more and more important.

Some things, however, need no context to make an instant impact, and "Boofiness" is one such song. Very little information is available about 1010 Benja SL, but this song has been on repeat since a friend first sent it to me. It's raw and feels much more real than 99% of music that came out this year, and the simple piano and hand claps backing the vocals only serve to amplify the incredible songwriting. I'm obsessed.

1010 Benja SL has a SoundCloud page which shows that he has appeared on radio shows with forward thinking collectives UNO NYC and NON Records, and both those shows feature more music from him. He has an Instagram page here and Google reveals that always on point radio host and DJ Benji B has played "Boofiness" on his BBC show.

Listen to the song below, and we'll share more information, and more music, as soon as we have it.