A little more than ten years after dropping their underground classic, Below The Heavens, Blu & Exile have returned with the prequel: In The Beginning: Before The Heavens. A collection of unreleased songs from the original Below The Heavens recording sessions, the 14-song project is a breath of fresh air from the past.

"Below the Heavens was about being underground, while comparing mainstream success to living in heaven,” Blu tells Billboard. “This is before that. The only thing that happened before God made the heavens and Earth [is God] says, ‘In The Beginning,’ so this is like the training wheels.”

Full of the same warm, organic production from Exile and poetic storytelling from Blu that made Below The Heavens so special, the project will be a welcome addition to the library of any fan of the original.

"We made all of these songs trying to find the style we wanted to rock with," Exile adds. "Then, once we found that, we wanted to keep creating to figure out what we wanted those styles to speak, to represent [...] The songs we have for the Before the Heavens album have the style, some fit the story. But Below the Heavens is the polished tale and soundtrack to what is Blu and Exile."

You can hear In The Beginning: Before The Heavens on Apple Music here or via Spotify below.