UPDATE: Joji dropped the video for "Will He" on Wednesday morning and it lives up to our expectations of what a music video from this guy could look like: dark, twisted, and beautiful at once. It feels like this is the moment he's finally able to pull all of his talents together into a single, cohesive piece of art. Really excited to see what comes next. Watch above and continue for the song below.

It's been a long time coming.

Multi-talented performer George "Joji" Miller has been talking about dropping a full, serious music project as Joji for years. And now, he's finally gearing up to release it—dropping a stunning new single called "Will He" and promising much more music on the way soon.

"After all these years I’m happy to announce my first big single leading up to the main project." he told fans before dropping the track. "It’s a favorite song of mine that gives me great feelings and it’s purely for me to share with you. Luckily, this is only the beginning of everything and you will be getting so much music you have no idea."

Joji has shared a couple songs already this year, but "Will He" feels the most complete. He previewed it earlier this year at his first performance—stopping to yell "Lil Pump!" and "unblock me bitch!" midway through for no reason—and the studio version lives up to the hype. It's another blissful, piano-driven jam guided by his soothing vocals. Basically, it sounds nothing like its terrifying single artwork looks. Classic Joji. Listen below.

Continue for more on Miller and his many talents in the video below.