Six months ago, I hung up the phone after a short conversation with a kid from Staten Island named Lou The Human and didn't really know what to think. 

At the time, he only had one song to his name. The song was really good, but it was tough to tell where he would go next. He was rapping his ass off, seemingly unconcerned with hooks and melody at a time at a time when that's all anyone seemed to care about. And I was a little worried that his similarities to Eminem would keep him from pushing himself to find his own voice. Where would he go next? What lane would he find for himself?

As he deadpanned to me at the time, "There's no place for me in rap in 2017. I'm just doing this to date Selena Gomez."

Now, with the release of his debut project, Humaniac, he's answered some questions. Mainly, the kid's for real. Lou's quirky, twisted sense of humor and storytelling only get more interesting over the course of a full project. There aren't big catchy hooks on this thing, but he does enough interesting things with production and vocal manipulation to keep your attention for ten songs. And the Eminem influences are here, for sure, but his own personality and perspective are strong enough to override this and establish him as his own artist.

You can hear the project on Apple Music here or via SoundCloud below.

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