Back in July, Australian singer-songwriter-guitarist-all-around-badass Tash Sultana shared the latest in her popular series of live bedroom recordings, and today we get the finished studio version.

"Mystik" captures everything Sultana does so well, slowly building as she adds each loop, before her distinct vocals float in and guide the track to an explosive finish. Oh, and there's a sax solo. Apparently she crushes it at sax, too. What can't she do? 

Sultana explained to triple j that the song is about the death of her ego and that she "tried to just come back down and connect to myself and just be present, because when you’re busy all the time you kind of get caught up in this whole mist and you forget to stop and be still and you get carried away thinking that you have to do all these things all the time when you probably just should be instead of do.”

You can hear "Mystik" on Apple Music here or via Spotify below.

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