When we spoke to Eyedress earlier this year for our rap around the world feature, he was particularly critical of Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte's deadly war on drugs. The controversial political figure, who previously dubbed himself Duterte Harry, only just called an end to a 15-month campaign which saw officers and vigilantes kill thousands allegedly involved with drugs. It's unclear exactly how many died, but it's had a devastating effect on so many families.

With the violence still fresh in the memory of many Filipinos, Manila's Eyedress has decided to shine a light on the brutal violence with his latest video. Taken from his album of the same name, "Manila Ice" and its accompanying video leaves little to the imagination. Excessive force, bodies laying in the streets; this is a graphic depiction of turmoil the Philippines have experienced during the last 15 months. 

It's not easy to watch, but the Paco Raterta-directed video deserves props for not shying away from the reality of Duterte's demands. Becoming a literal translation of Eyedress' lyrics, the video gets straight to its point, offering a gritty take on a dark slice of recent history. Here's hoping the next 15 months are significantly better for Manila's residents. Watch the premiere of the video above.