Hodgy wound the clocks back a few years this afternoon when he tweeted: "I’m dropping a mellowhype song tonight Lofi shit 2018 here we are wait for the album shoutout out LBTURNUP."

As Odd Future fans remember, MellowHype is the collaborative project of Hodgy Beats and producer Left Brain. They put out two studio albums and four mixtapes together in the heydey of OF's early run from 2010-2013. But in 2015, Hodgy confirmed that their days as a group were finished, telling HipHopDX, "I believe we’re growing apart many ways and together many ways as well. My point of saying that is from now on there is no MellowHype."

Now, with the release of "Tisk," it appears the duo has reunited. Over what sounds like a Left Brain flip of "Easy" by Son Lux, Hodgy delivers confident, acrobatic verses that live up to or surpass anything in their back catalog. And, fortunately, it seems they haven't matured too much—choosing to use a photo of a piece of shit as their cover artwork. Great to hear these guys together again. You can listen to "Tisk" via SoundCloud below.