“Yo Pierre, you wanna come out here?”

The line is taken from an episode of the 1990s sitcom The Jamie Foxx Show, but Playboi Carti’s Pi'erre Bourne-produced “Magnolia” hit has introduced the quote to a new generation of hip-hop fans. Now, the frequent collaborators have stretched the tag into a full song Bourne's new single "Yo Pi'erre."

“Me and Carti real tight. I've only known him since February, but I'm big on vibes. If I don't fuck with you, the energy, I'm not gonna force it,” Bourne told The Fader this summer. “The first day I met him, he had the purple pack Backwoods! My favorite pack! I was like Yo, we're gonna be best friends, I hope you know that shit. We’ve been kicking it, and he's a Virgo too, we're both Virgos. I noticed, throughout my life, I have a lot of friends that are Virgos, I'm cool with Virgos. I know what they're like. Even though I don't know him, I feel like I know him.”

Bourne is gearing up to release the fourth installment of his The Life Of Pi'erre series. You can listen to “Yo Pi'erre” now on Apple Music and iTunes or stream it via Spotify below.