UPDATE: Boogie came through with his second song of the day shortly after dropping "Violence." It's called "Came Up" and you can hear it on Spotify. Listen below and continue for the original article.

We've had our eye on Compton rapper Boogie since early 2014, but he took a major step forward in his career when he signed with Eminem's Shady Records in October.

At the time, Eminem said, "Boogie is everything I look for in an MC. Unique voice and point of view combined with crazy wordplay. This is a great fit and I’m excited for what’s to come."

Now, two days before his new label boss releases an album of his own, Boogie dropped his first song since signing with Shady Records. With soulful guest vocals from Masego, "Violence" shows the exact versatility that Eminem was talking about: Boogie adopts multiple flows as he paints vivid scenes from a unique perspective. You can hear the song via Spotify below.

For more background on Boogie's story, you can watch the short documentary we made with him in early 2015 below.