It's been an insane year for Brockhampton. They took a leap of faith by moving to L.A. last year, evolving from their internet roots to real life success. They pushed themselves this year and formed a boyband, creating not just one of the year's best albums, but three. After releasing the energetic video for "Boogie" and surprising fans with the gorgeous short film Billy Star, they've arrived at the end of the Saturation trilogy.

Filled with variety and some of the craziest beats we've heard all year, Saturation III is one hell of a way for Brockhampton to close out the year. When they revealed the release date of the album, they teased fans by saying it was the last Brockhampton album, but they've since softened the statement in conversation with Zane Lowe.

"Doesn't it make it way more epic, though?" Kevin Abstract said to Zane Lowe. "Like, 'Saturation III: The last studio album by Brockhampton.' It seems like more of a moment than just it's the end of the trilogy—or end of the era. Even though everybody knows it's not really our last album. If this was the last one, I'd be really happy. But it also feels like we have more to say. So I don't think it's the last one. But at the same time, we do whatever we want in the moment. So, we might be like, 'Hey, we're off it. Let's just do this last tour. That was fun.'"

After building up the "the last studio album" claim, they've completely gone back on it by announcing their fourth studio album. Before Saturation III arrived on streaming services, they announced that there's a new album on the way. Just as with the release of Saturation II, they've given us a preview of what's to come next before the release of new music.

Team Effort, their fourth studio album, is due sometime next year. They're a bunch of liars, but we can't even hate because the music is just too good. They keep managing to surprise fans, continually improving and proving they've got plenty more mileage left. Saturation III is filled with a number of dance-oriented tracks, and it also has what might be two of the group's poppiest moments to date with "Bleach" and "Hottie."

They've chosen an incredible way to close out their run this year. The best boyband in the world are poised to leave an impact regardless of what comes next, but for right now Saturation III is yet further proof of their remarkable talent and chemistry. Saturation season is over, but Brockhampton season looks like it's never going to end.

Listen to Saturation III on Apple here and Spotify here.