It's always exciting to see an act hit up the NPR offices to perform a Tiny Desk Concert, and the latest entry with King Krule is no different. With his fantastic new album The Ooz still fresh in our memory, it's very cool to see some of the album's best tracks performed by Krule and his band. Accompanied by five other musicians, Krule performed "Midnight 01 (Deep Sea Diver)," "Lonely Blue," "Logos," and "Sublunary." 

Seeing him and his band in such a cramped space makes it all the more impressive they sound as great as they do, taking up a bit more space than most acts to perform for the Tiny Desk Concert series typically do. As to be expected, Krule and his band kill the performance, flooding the confined space with his swampy atmospherics and heady lyrics. Fans of The Ooz will want to watch the 16-minute set immediately, and those who have yet to listen to the album can have this serve as their reminder to get right on that. Seriously, it's a good one.

Watch the set above, and check out our interview with King Krule here.