Miguel's new album War & Leisure, his fourth studio outing, is out now, a little over two years after 2015's Wildheart. To build up support for the album, Miguel dropped the singles "Told You So," the Travis Scott-assisted "Sky Walker," "Come Through and Chill" featuring J. Cole and Salaam Remi, and "Pineapple Skies."

On the approach and process behind his latest album, Miguel explained to Paper in a new cover story:

"It's been in the back of my head for some time. I think it was understanding my body of work and trying to make heads or tails of it. I just felt an overwhelming sense of inspiration that's pulling in opposite directions, on every level. When I really sat down to think about what those opposing forces were, that was my best way to describe it."

Miguel has been using his platform to speak out about injustice, including wearing a jacket on Colbert that said "Keep the kids. Deport the racist," and his album does reflect some of the anger and uncertainty of the current political and social climate in America. However, he told Rolling Stone that it's "more about the personal struggle to find our way in the middle of it all. Stay positive but be mindful. Not to ignore what's happening, but not to be bogged down by it and stop our way of life."

War & Leisure, which runs 12 tracks long, features Kali Uchis, J. Cole, Salaam Remi, Quin, Rick Ross, and Travis Scott. You can listen on Apple Music and iTunes or on Spotify now.