Last year Portland got a new music hero in the form of The Last Artful, Dodgr. Granted, the artist born Alana Chenevert was raised in Los Angeles, but she's made the city her home as part of the EYRST label alongside local artists like Myke Bogan and Neill Von Tally. 

The latter was responsible for the production on Bone Music, Dodgr's excellent debut album that was recently named the best rap album to come out of Portland in 2017. "Oofda" became the album's most popular track, and today, it gets an equally impressive video. 

Featuring direction from Noah Porter, the "Oofda" video is a dark, cinematic twist on the song's narrative of a love that careens from lust to weariness. The camera is a twisting, restless guide, following Dodgr in and out of the shadows of domesticity. Washed dishes, sunflares, and a sheetless mattress become sinister objects through Porter's roving lens and the eerie crackles of Von Tally's production, creating a dizzying world for Dodgr that doubles as a cage.

The Last Artful, Dodgr is currently working on her solo debut, due out on Fresh Selects later this year. Neill Von Tally, meanwhile, is working on releasing music with EYRST label mates Blossom, Myke Bogan, ePP, Maze Koroma, & Ripley Snell in 2018. Watch the video for "Oofda" below, and listen to Bone Music here.