Timing is everything. On Wednesday, ASAP Ferg released a new song titled “Kristi YamaGucci.” The track features Denzel Curry and IDK, the two artists joining the Harlem rapper on his Mad Man Tour, which kicks off tonight in Philadelphia. 

The track also includes an appearance by NickNPattiWhack, who you might recognize as the guy talking over the videos featuring Dancing Dan Rue. Here, he drops some quotes on the hook, including the line that must have inspired the name of the song. “I'ma call you Kristi YamaGucci, baby, 'Cause you just all over the fuckin' world with this shit, baby,” he says.

IDK, Ferg, and Denzel Curry keep delivering heat on a consistent basis. Listen to "Kristi YamaGucci" below. 

Hear Denzel's thoughts on Prodigy, Jay Z, and the Florida rap scene in the video below.