A lot has changed for Boy Pablo since he and his high school friends shot a video for "Everytime" in Norway and uploaded it to YouTube.

In a weird twist of internet fate, the song gained the favor of YouTube's algorithm and started showing up in everyone's "recommended videos" tab. "I'd love to know who in the YouTube team found our video and how, because the fact that people are finding out about me through my music video is already giving me so many new opportunities with my music," the 19-year-old musician told us at the time.

Now, the "Everytime" video has six million plays and Boy Pablo's career has received a huge boost, including his first headlining tour through Europe. Now, he's back with with the follow-up: "Losing You," another dreamy piece of bedroom pop complete with a charming video. You can hear it on Spotify or watch the video below.

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