Even if you don't yet recognize the name of Austin W. Anderson (fka Austin Feinstein) and his band Slow Hollows, you've probably already heard some of his work. Among other projects, he contributed to Frank Ocean's Blonde and Tyler, The Creator's Flower Boy.

Now, Slow Hollows are back with a hushed, jazzy new song called "Lessons For Later," complete with a glowing red and blue-hued video directed by Kevin Abstract.

"The visual element to "Lessons" was just as important to me as the song itself," Anderson tells P&P over email. "Because the song's production is extremely full and somewhat controlled, I always felt the visual accompaniment needed to be complete chaos."

Shot by Ashlan Grey, edited by Henock Sileshi, and directed by Kevin Abstract, with additional help from key grip and production designer Kevin Doan, the video comes from the same team that brought us all of Brockhampton's videos.

"The process of making this video was very natural," Anderson continues. "I showed Kevin the song and told him we were looking to make a video for it, and he said he'd like to help. I've always been a fan of Brockhampton's videos, there's a certain quality of life to them that I think a lot of filmmakers really strive to capture. Kevin and Ashlan have the ability to achieve a sense of undeniable charisma and life through a lens that most directors can't. There's real love put into everything... and it really shows."

Watch the "Lessons For Later" video above and continue for Slow Hollows' last song "Heart" below if you're feelin' it.