Childish Gambino is back.

On the same night that he pulled double duty as the host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live, Donald Glover returned with his first solo music since 2016's "Awaken, My Love!" As the title might suggest, "This Is America" is a politically-charged song with a video that challenges the current social climate at the same time that it entertains.

Stylistically, this pulls from all corners of Glover's strengths. There are bits of soul and funk from "Awaken, My Love!" interspersed with the most rapping we've heard from him since 2014's Kauai EP. Then, of course, he's able to bring all of his talents together in a striking video directed by Hiro Murai. Honestly, it's difficult to imagine how he found the time to continue stepping his music up while also making Atlanta, acting in a Star Wars movie, and all the other things he's doing. Unreal.

You can watch the Hiro Murai-directed video for "This Is America" above and hear it on Spotify below. You can also see him debut another new song called "Saturday" here.

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