"I decided on this title because to me, each song feels like a different diary entry from a different time in my life," Clairo says about her debut EP, diary 001

"There are songs from SoundCloud days, a song that took me 7 months to finish, a song that was completely made in a studio, etc," she explains. After a breakout year in which bedroom recordings like "Pretty Girl" caught fire, she adds, "It is the end of a chapter for me and I’m excited to show you what i’ve got next."

Speaking on her reluctance to label her music "bedroom pop," Clairo told us in April, "A lot of my songs are just demos to me, so I’m really excited to put out my EP and show the world what else I have in store." Now, that EP has arrived, and it's made up of six songs that show her range and seemingly limitless potential. You can hear it on iTunes/Apple Music or on Spotify below.

Learn more about Clairo in the video below.