After performing it live during 88rising's Double Happiness Tour, Joji has returned with a new song called "Yeah Right."

Over somber pianos and a sedative bassline, Joji delivers relatably sad lyrics, opening the song with the repeated refrain: "I'ma fuck up my life." He recently said the song will be the "first single of many" after his 2017 In Tongues EP, and later added that "so much shit [is] about to drop." In a new interview with Nylon, he looked toward the In Tongues follow-up and pointed out, "The second project is the one that’s really going to show if you’re worthy of staying, show that you’re not a one-trick pony."

You can listen to "Yeah Right" on iTunes/Apple Music or via Spotify below. If you're in the LA area, make sure to check out 88rising's Head In The Clouds festival in September. More information here.

Learn more about Joji's story in the mini-doc below.