Juice WRLD is doing everything right. His catchy, melodic style is hitting at the perfect time and he's aligning himself with all the right people—Cole Bennett being one of them.

After collaborating on the "All Girls Are The Same" video back in February, the two Illinois natives connect again for a "Lucid Dreams" video. The song's heartbroken lyrics are paired with surreal visuals that head in dark directions, but the whole thing is grounded and made accessible by Juice's natural pop sensibilities. 

Hinting at his musical range, he told us in April, "I like all types of music. It could change up so quickly, I could be listening to Foo Fighters and then switch up and turn on my favorite Sosa mixtape. I listen to all types of music. My biggest influences are Kid Cudi, Chief Keef, Travis Scott—it’s a lot of them, bro. Eminem, I was a big Odd Future fan back in 2011. Super fan."

Watch "Lucid Dreams" above and "All Girls Are The Same" below. Read our interview with Juice WRLD here and our conversation with Bennett here.