Swedish artist Shaqdi is currently living in East London, making catchy songs that sit somewhere between modern, electronic pop and a more classic R&B sound. Her debut EP Colorless is out today, an important milestone in a life full of music.

Growing up in a small town in Sweden, Shaqdi studied piano and violin from a young age, eventually moving to Stockholm to study music after high school. Two years ago, she moved to London, and she says, "I think it’s important for my creativity to move around and experience new cities. Stockholm is close to my heart and I might move back there some day, but it’s quite small in comparison, so I find London way more stimulating at this time in my life since there always something new to see and do. But who knows what the future will bring?"

The five track EP includes the previously released "Colorless," "Obvious," and the smoky, guitar driven "Better." One of the new songs is "Like You Used To," produced by Zag Erlat, which Shaqdi describes as "a constant reminder not to let go of the intimacy in a relationship and to trust your instincts when you feel like it’s no longer right."

Shaqdi's Colorless EP is out now. Listen in full on Spotify below and on on all other streaming services.