Tyler, The Creator has been sharing a lot more random music recently. Whether it be remixes or Flower Boy throwaways, Tyler has demonstrated a huge burst of creativity so far in 2018, offering up a surprising amount of new material. Today, he's shared yet another new song with "435," which he says he recorded on the Flower Boy tour.

"Hey hello, so um yeah," he tweeted, letting his fans know something new was coming imminently.

Recorded while on tour in Philadelphia, Tyler promises that the brief new song isn't "an indication of how future things will sound." Accompanied by an in studio video not all that dissimilar to his incredible remix of Kanye West's "Freestyle 4," it's clear that Tyler is keeping himself incredibly busy.

Speaking with Complex, ASAP Rocky teased that Tyler has already been working on the follow-up to Flower Boy. “Tyler’s new shit is crazy. I’m not even lying, honestly, sonically he challenged himself in a different way," he explained. "It’s not even like Flower Boy. His next album is a new wave.”

Watch the video for "435" above.