There's nothing like a good crew track.

88rising have been building something special over the last couple years with an eclectic range of talented young artists and a unique hybrid business model. Now, they're bringing together all of that talent (Rich Brian, Joji, Higher Brothers, NIKI, AUGUST 08, and Keith Ape) for a collaborative music project.

The first track is "Midsummer Madness" and it holds true to its title. This is breezy, blissful music primed for your summer playlists. The idea of bringing together a bunch of artists under the same management group and having them make music together is a risky proposition, but it pays off in this case. It helps that they all seem to genuinely enjoy each others' company. Watch the music video for Joji, Rich Brian, Higher Brothers, and AUGUST 08's "Midsummer Madness" above and hear it on Spotify below.

Learn more about Joji in the short documentary we made with him below.