We've been waiting a long time for this one. Two and a half years after debuting her first song "Blue Lights" right here on P&P back in January 2016, Jorja Smith's debut album is here.

Speaking with Crack Magazine, the British singer explained the significance of the project's Lost & Found title. "I felt like a small girl in this big world," she said, remembering a time she got lost in London as a teenager. "I’m in this big city and it’s a lot to take in." Tying the experience to her current life as a 20-year-old she adds, "I never really find myself on the album, and I still feel very lost in this world. But I know that I want to sing, and write songs. I definitely know what I want to do. I know the gift I’ve found."

That gift—Jorja's spellbinding voice—is the anchor that holds the 12-song debut together. The rest of the album picks up right where Jorja's excellent singles "Blue Lights," "Teenage Fantasy," "Where Did I Go?" and "February 3rd," left off. This is soulful, jazzy music with a timeless quality (and no features). Hear it on iTunes/Apple Music or via Spotify below.