Ro Ransom doesn't release much music, but when he does he makes sure he leaves listeners with a product that validates the wait. The Harlem born artist has an impressive pen and a knack for catchy melodies, meaning songs like "Doppelganger" still find space on our playlists years after its release.

After being relatively quiet since releasing his long-awaited mixtape Momentum last November, the mystery boy returns today with "Wraith" and the news of signing with Sony imprint SamePlate. Ro delivers more of the sharp songwriting that we've come to expect from him as you hear addictive melodies and clever lines throughout the record.

Speaking on the song, Ro told us, "'Wraith' is about so many things, but first and foremost it's about ambition. I want you to face adversity through this song. This is Batman pulling up to his final showdown with Two Face. You can't be stopped when you're listening to this shit. People don't even know what their wildest dreams are because they're so caught up in a fear-based mentality that they've literally blocked those thoughts out of their mind. I want you to look at yourself and remember that you can still take over the world. It's never too late."

Check out the new single below, and look out for a lot more from Ro this year. "Wraith" drops on streaming services at midnight, and you can pre-save on Spotify here.