Bernard Jabs is a 17-year-old rapper from Georgia, and he's already one of the best new artists of 2018, despite the fact that he doesn't have any songs on the major streaming platforms yet. Thanks to this new "Wesson" clip, he does finally have one music video. Jabs has the voice, the delivery, and the style to fuel some of the most engaging hip-hop from any newcomer this year, and he's also got a magnetic charisma that you'll pick up on in even a quick encounter. To see some of that, head over to the Pigeons & Planes Instagram, because we gave Jabs our password for the next 24 hours and he's currently doing whatever he wants on our IG Story.

Watch the "Wesson" video above courtesy of ELEVATOR, see more of our favorite new artists here, and pray that Bernard Jabs doesn't get our Instagram account deleted (again).