Earlier this month, Brockhampton returned with a video for their new song "1999 Wildfire."

Last week, they followed it up with "1998 Truman."

Today, they're back with "1997 Diana."

See a pattern? A summer after their breakthrough Saturation trilogy, it looks like they've settled into another series of music releases and their promise of "new music all summer" is being delivered.

As for the wide-screen aspect ratio of the video, Kevin Abstract tweeted, "Don’t get it twisted everything is still low budget and diy all we changed was the aspect ratio. 1997 DIANA." That tweet followed, "We just filmed the video yesterday ayyyyy im nervous." Good to see them back in their sweet spot of in-the-moment creativity. Also shout out to Romil for that scream at the end of the video. Watch "1997 Diana" above.