"I waited 13 months to drop this," Denzel Curry says.

Now, finally, the wait is over. One of our most anticipated releases of the year has arrived: Denzel Curry's three-act album, TA13OO.

"I wanted to make this shit theatrical and I wanted people to understand what part of the album they were in," Curry explained on Everyday Struggle this week. "You're going to have a light part, you're going to have a gray part, then you're going to have a black part [...] I wanted the album to go fucking backwards, because usually I start off really dark, then I go light. Imagine a plant and it just turns into shit. It just turns into boo-boo. That's what I wanted the album to sound like."

Elaborating on the personal subject matter of the project, he added, "If you listen to all my albums, it's all different chapters of my life. When I was creating this album, it was literally what happened in 2016, 2017, and 2018. That whole process of making this album was finding who Denzel Curry is." Stream the album now on iTunes/Apple Music or via Spotify below.

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