Pip Millett blew me away with her debut single, "Make Me Cry," a beautiful song which introduced us to another young British singer providing their own take on the classic sounds of soul and R&B. "I want for my music to be timeless and [am] influenced by people such as Lauryn Hill, who uses live instrumentation," she told us, also citing Erykah Badu, Joni Mitchell, and Burt Bacharach as inspirations.

"Make Me Cry" saw Pip confronting rather than suppressing her own feelings, and today's single "Love The Things You Do" is an equally personal and emotionally vulnerable song about friendship. "It's about pulling though a very uncomfortable stage with one of my best mates," she explains. "When two friends are attracted to each other but decide to stay friends, it automatically becomes a bit messy. I wrote the song to ease any tension between us and to let him know that nothing was going to change, and that we'd still have a great relationship. Eventually that did happen, but for a while I found it hard to be myself. It's all fine now though and things have gone pretty dreamy for the both of us."

"I want listeners to relate," she adds. "I hope that the song helps to ease something that can feel so heavy in the moment. I know it did for me." With two timeless songs to her name and a reputation that's growing with each release, 2018 is looking very bright for Pip Millett. Read our interview with Pip here and listen to "Love The Things You Do" below.